30 Minute Consultation. PHONE OR WEB


30 Minute Consultation. PHONE OR WEB


Schedule a 30 minute consultation with me!

This requires a health screening as well. I will send you a form to fill out prior to the consultation.

Please be keeping track of your period as well. Download an app to assist you if you are not sure.

Please, do not steam if you do not know what you are doing. It is best to talk with me first, so that we can go over your questions and concerns.

Depending on reasoning behind why you want to steam, if this is something serious, you can cause complications, and more problems can arise.

Some of the things we will go over:

Why you want to steam?

Do you have health problems, painful or heavy periods, irregular periods, fibroids, prone to or frequent infections, trying to conceive, desire a more beautiful and intense sex life (in a good way!), much much more…. OR

Do you want to just be more in-tune with yourself and raise your vibration.

Do you want to connect spiritually with yourself, set this time aside for just YOU, and relax.

You will learn the times when, and IF you can steam. There are hard and soft contraindications, times when you should not steam, and best times TO steam, and are useful.

Are you on birth control?

How old are you?

How many days are your menstrual cycles?


Or do you have a daughter whom just started her period, and she is always in excruciating pain, and super heavy flow?

What are your symptoms?

Do you require a mild or advanced setup?

What herbs are best for you?

Are you sensitive? Especially to heat? Do you have allergies?

Some side effects you will experience after steaming.

Knowing what to expect afterwards, depending on reason why you are steaming in the first place. Understanding, for serious problems, steaming once will not cure overnight, It will help, but you must steam on a regular basis to notice long term results. You will start so notice results immediately, with especially how you feel in general. But, everyone who chooses to steam, should dedicate 3-6 months of following the plans I tell you, until completely resolved.

If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me!! I am hear to help you on any and all of your journeys.

All Love, All Ways.

Everything I use for my stools is 100% Organic.

The tung oil that I finish the wood with, is organic, and all herbs selected, are 100% Organic, and ethically sourced

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